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Angelina Bentley & the Cosmic Party
Angelina Bentley & the Cosmic Party

Celestial songstress Angelina Bentley has emerged from her chrysalis to create Angelina Bentley & the Cosmic Party with more than just a little bit of help from her friends... her offering is a new album called "Kings & Butterflies"... it is a stoney, sexy blend of dream-pop, folk rock mixed with a bit of alternative new age... it explores the nature of illusion (inspired by Zuangzi's Butterfly Dream ) and the return or Awakening to the light of one's Authentic Self. This project was created to take the listener from one emotional space to another expanding on the themes of light and dark and the fusion of the two... Now back to the friends..:o)"Kings & Butterflies" was brought to fruition through the mirth and magic of producer Joe Varela of Black Lab Studios, the patience and expertise of Bill Bentley of Bill Bentley Productions, comrade and co-writer -the incomparable Sparky Grinstead and the heavenly Erin "The Dove" Oliver...
"Stevie Nicks meets Annie Lennox on the way to Enya's castle... soothes, inspires, transports…”

Artist`s albums

Featured songs: The Farther I Fell (Lullaby), Hoping, Nightlife, All God's Children, GlitterKids, Open the Door, Bittersweetleaf, Kings & Butterflies, Glitter (Reprise)
Overall rating:

Release year: 2010
Genre: New Age (Adult Alternative)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97