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Luvispro is a singer songwriter who has been recording acoustic blues rock instrumentals since he was a kid in New Jersey. in the early 90's Playing in the metal band MYRAGE in Memphis Tn we played every club in that city, made it on the alternative 96x and 14x pirate radio stations. Started a recording studio in the New York City area and performed at the Downtown Beirut bar, cafe Wha and the Bitter End. my love of Music moved me to Indianapolis to jam with 6 eye goat, Mansuper and Severen and than New Orleans were i played guitar for the bands Blob Snarly , Trench Digger but I am currently The guitarist for the metal band AR15.During the whole time i have always played solo sessions and record daily at my new studio in New York. My last album is called " Luvis 25 yrs " and its avail on cdbaby and reverbnation as well as at the Louisiana Music Factory. I cant wait to go back on tour and record more songs. we have over 500 video on youtube.com/luvispro from all kinds of shows and back yard party's. enjoy the jams and lets party soon.cheers and beersLUVIS

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