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A Meow Mix by Ashworth (Electronic Dance Version)
Overall rating:

Release year: 2014
Genre: Electronic (House)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97

Cats in the Club! Hear the New EDM Meow Mix Song The Famous Meow Mix Song Gets An EDM Remix.

Are you ready?: Meow Mix jingle steps out on the dance floor

Cat chow has gone disco. That's right. Thanks to FCB Chicago (formerly DraftFCB) and its FCB/RED brand engagement and shopper unit, the iconic Meow Mix cat chow jingle has gotten a complete makeover that takes it — for the first time — into the realm of electronic dance music. Yea, cat chow was never before this hip.

The new sound for Meow Mix was created by Ashworth, who works as a DJ in clubs around the world when he isn't recording his own techno music.

But according to FCB Chicago, the new electronic dance music version of the Meow Mix jingle is only the first of several new versions in different musical styles that are on the drawing boards.

Next up is a country music iteration.

To highlight the makeover the jingle is now getting, Meow Mix is setting up a mobile recording studio on Aug. 13, in Columbus Circle in New York City.

That will be where Meow Mix jingle fans can join country music star Kellie Pickler to create their own version of the jingle for a good cause. For every jingle recorded, Meow Mix will donate 100 meals to the Food Bank of New York for cats in need.

The Meow Mix jingle was first introduced to the world in 1970. Meow Mix is a unit of Big Heart Pet Brands, which was spun off from Del Monte Foods earlier this year.

This is the video that goes with the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_5zELmun9E

A Meow Mix by Ashworth (Electronic Dance Version)
Meow Mix Song - EDM Cat Remix by Ashworth (YouTube Video Version)