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Rain Dancer
Overall rating:

Release year: 2007
Genre: New Age (Adult Alternative)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97

Rain freshens like Scott Huckabay’s creative genius. He dances on rain here in Rain Dancer, recorded in an outdoor temple in Kauai, Hawaii , February, 2007. It was raining that night when Scott’s audience danced before him and God in the rain. This eclectic album features gentle and moderately vibrating compositions. Scott spontaneously generated each incredible track live, as a solo act, with the Creator’s helping hand using the Perfect Circle of Sound™.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse and LOVE the Real da Vinci CODE revealed these sacred tones that Scott now exhaults. The first twenty-two minutes—Tickling Angels—will make your body tingle and heart soar in heavenly communion. Next, Scott warms up for the energizing Concert in the Rain. It features sacred sounds, well hydrated bodies and lots of LOVE—the essence of water’s spiritual significance.

Tickling Angels is extraordinarily relaxing. You may wish to loop it for extended relaxation, balancing energy centers, opening your heart, and other forms of Divine play. The mini-concert that follows wets your appetite for more Huckabay. His harmonics, presented with Jimi Hendrick’s flair, are ancient/novel and Divinely destined to lead saved ones safely through the Spiritual Renaissance. Young and old listeners are blessed by this message of celebration and music for eternal life.

With this special contribution we thank the rain that cleanses and purifies souls, and brings the Holy Spirit to everyone drinking from the River of Life.

Tickling Angels
Drizzling Harmonies-The Rain Dance-The Cleansing-Etc...