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So Tonight That I Might See
Overall rating:

Release year: 1993
Genre: Rock (Adult Alternative Pop/Rock)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97

If you like either of the other Mazzy Star albums, this one is a little different... in a better way. If you have never heard of this band, but like mysterious, sultry, and deep music, running the gamut from acoustic guitar with female voice, ranging to psychedelic electronic, then maybe it's for you.

This is the best of all Mazzy Star's albums. I really wish the group would stick with this style, which is a little darker at times, and a little more acoustic at others, than either 'Swan or 'Brightly. There is only one song on this album (track 2) which I do not truly adore (and it just happens to be the one song which sounds EXACTLY like most of the songs on the other 2 albums).

The sound on this album reminds me in an odd way of early Pink Floyd and The Doors, with a sultry female vocalist. It makes great mood music for a make out session. It is good for combating depression. Then again, it also gets me riled up. The title track makes think of what would happen if Jim Morrison was reincarnated as a woman and tried to play "The End" in the 90's. "5 String Serenade" is one of the softest, sweetest, and most gentle songs ever.

Also, the recording quality is FANTASTIC! I use this CD as a test/reference whenever I try out new audio equipment.

Fade Into You
Bells Ring
Mary Of Silence
Five String Serenade
Blue Light
She's My Baby
Into Dust
So Tonight That I Might See