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Too True
Overall rating:

Release year: 2014
Genre: Rock (Adult Alternative Pop/Rock)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97

Wow. From the Raveonettes influenced first song, Cult of Love, on through to the end this is Dee Dee really filling out her vision as a song writer. It rocks, it waves, it pounds through her best song writing yet. Yes, it's slicker, but maybe not so slick as focused. Her aim is true. I honestly wasn't overly impressed with Lost Boys and Girls Club when it was the first released from this album, but in the context of a full album it's excellent to me now. Rimbaud Eyes is a brilliant song and well, there isn't a weak track to be found, honestly.

Dum Dum Girls, thanks to the maturing song structures have become one great band. Their first album was a compelling mishmash of all the influences I like to listen to and their second one just continued on. Some bands hit a curve and swerve down on their 3rd album, but Dee Dee has hit one out of the rock and roll ballpark on this one.

It doesn't hurt that the band looks as good as their music either. But it wouldn't matter. They are the Dum Dum Girls...

Cult Of Love
Evil Blooms
Rimbaud Eyes
Are You OK
Too True To Be Good
In The Wake Of You
Lost Boys & Girls Club
Little Minx
Under These Hands
Trouble Is My Name