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De Stiji
Overall rating:

Release year: 2008
Genre: Rock (Alternative Rock)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97

After buying White Blood Cells, I had decided to buy either this or The White Stripes. I chose this, because it was the only one of the two I could find. Oh my God how pleased am I that I did. This is the best album I've ever heard.
There's no word for this album really apart from Amazing. If you've got White Blood Cells, the third of the albums to come along you'll have some idea of what this band is like. Now take that idea, throw in a big bag of Detroit rock, blues guitar riffs, cheerful harmonica tunes and hillbilly vocals, and you have what can only be described as a joyous...well...mess, of music.
The first track, You're Pretty Good Looking, is fantastic, combining puppy love singing and simple crunchy guitar. Hello Operator introduces the afor-mentioned harmonica, whilst maintaining the great guitareering. From then on it's slower, much more blue, but no less brilliant. These tracks make you feel lazy, until track 10, when it throws once again the rock guitaring and crashy drums at you with Let's build a home. The next track follows its example, and then its back to blues. The last track, a cover of Your Southern Can Is Mine is great, just like the whole damn album.
Just buy it. Please.

You're Pretty Good Looking ( For A Girl )
Hello Operator
Little Bird
Apple Blossom
I'm Bound To Pack It Up