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Release year: 1972
Genre: Rock (Alternative Rock)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97

Time has proven that The Velvet Underground's "Loaded" is a truly great album. When it was released it was slapped together as the band was disbanding. The VU purist may say that this album is poor but if you are a fan of great rock and roll this is an album for you. Sure the album isn't as edgy and experimental musically or lyrically as earlier works. Albums Like "White Light White Heat" are certainly more artistically bold but boldness doesn't necessarily equate to greatness. This album would successful if released today and seeing that this one is over 30 years old it has the words classic written all over it.

Already losing John Cale, the album is almost entirely Lou Reed Driven. The music on the album reflects this and Reed's songwriting really shines with greats like "Rock and Roll", "Sweet Jane" and "Lonesome Cowboy Bill" (well all of the tracks are great). The sound is fun and the songs may not be serious deep or explorative but they are pure rock and totally unforgettable. These are tunes that are easy to enjoy and get under your skin into your head and beg to be played and replayed. "Loaded" is chock full of great hits and if you are looking for fun music this is a great album. Stylistically, this album may not be the best introduction to VU but it is a fun first step or just a great album for your collection.

Who Loves The Sun
Sweet Jane
Rock And Roll
Cool It Down
New Age
Head Held High
Lonesome Cowboy Bill
I Found A Reason
Train Round The Bend
Oh! Sweet Nuthin'