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Here Come The Warm Jets
Overall rating:

Release year: 1973
Genre: Rock (Avant-Prog)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97

Some Eno-fanatics may argue that this isn't Brian's best solo album. I'm not saying it is. I simply won't go there. I admire just about everything Eno's done, from Roxy to the solo stuff to the ambient, and beyond. I WILL say that I've been listening to this album for more than 20 years (hell, I'm playing it as I write this), and I remain stunned by its timeless ability to thrill and amaze. Yeah, it's "weird," and comes out of those hazy, crazy "Glam" days in the U.K of the early '70s. So it's not for everyone. And OK, maybe there is a Velvet Underground influence here. But nothing on this album sounds the least bit dated, 30 years on, and, Velvets notwithstanding, this is PURE ENO. The man has a sublime gift for melody, texture, rythmn, instrumentation, lyrics (absurd as they may be), electronics, and just plain VISION. This LP's got it all: proto-punk, grace, hard-core rock (Robert Fripp and Phil Manzanera's superb guitar), atmosphere, heartbreaking melodies. And it goes on from there. I can---no, I simply MUST---recommend "Warm Jets" for any rock fan with an open mind. I aim that comment especially towards those 20-year-olds out there who wouldn't think of going back to 1973 for a disc. Try it. You might love it. It might just open up a world to you.

Needles In The Camel's Eye
The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch
Baby's On Fire
Cindy Tells Me
Driving Me Backwards
On Some Faraway Beach
Blank Frank
Dead Finks Don't Talk
Some Of Them Are Old
Here Come The Warm Jets