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Flipped Out In Singapore
Overall rating:

Release year: 1992
Genre: Rock (Freakbeat)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97

.I hate to use tired labels, but it's true. You've got the flare and spunk of glammy rock (think New York Dolls, T-Rex, etc.) as well as the attitude and drive of early poppy punk (Buzzcocks, etc.)... it's absolute wonderful fabuliciousness. This is one of the best albums I own, and last I counted I had just over 1,500 CDs, so no small feat there. After listening to this CD, all I want to do is stir up s**t, but in the most stylish way possible. Lots of glitter invloved. If you like Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins, especially "Geek USA" and "Cherub Rock," or if you enjoy the crazy stuff off Nirvana's collection Incesicide ("Sliver," "Son of a Gun," etc.), you ought to like this. Of course, Pop Heiress is Chainsaw Kittens' best album, and it is not available here. Alas. Still. Buy everything they've ever done. It's all great.

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