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Whales And Leeches
Overall rating:

Release year: 2013
Genre: Rock (Hard Rock)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97

Red Fang have been tearing it up on tour supporting their last album "Murder The Mountains", a brilliant piece of rock and roll that somehow encompasses all heavy music's strong points and minimizes the weaker ones. While the debut "Red Fang" is a more spartan punk affair, the third album takes a turn toward the stoner direction especially on the second half of "Whales and Leeches", the more hook laden stuff starting the album off.
As if to declare their intent to play it doom style, they also present Yob's singer/guitarist Mike Schiedt on "Dawn Rising", even using his lyrics. For those wondering just how heavy doom can get, Yob is as heavy as it gets, the only competition to me being Cathedral. Electric Wizard? Not this heavy. For some reason, I'm also hearing a bit of Mastodon riffing here, too.
Red Fang play it smart throughout. The lead work is tighter, and Maurice Bryan Giles has one of the most recognizable voices out there, easily singing in a fine clean voice or growling with the menace of anybody you'd care to compare.
Few outfits have succeeded melting punk, metal and just plain hard ass rock and roll into the formula Red Fang offer. There is no excuse for anybody claiming to love heavy music to not dig Red Fang. Like Motorhead, they remind us that one must understand real rock and roll in order to make their music timeless. I couldn't think of a better band for Red Fang to share a stage with. Get out and buy this now before they come over and beat you up for not doing it.

Blood Like Cream
No Hope
Crows In Swine
Voices Of The Dead
Behind The Light
Dawn Rising
This Animal
Every Little Twist