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As The Palaces Burn
Overall rating:

Release year: 2003
Genre: Rock (Progressive Rock)
Suggested donation for album: $ 19.97

Not only is this their album I've listened to the most, but it is also my favorite album by them. Lamb of God is one of the few bands in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement that I feel has been true to themselves. Despite high volumes of popularity they haven't sacrificed their goal for musical metal Armageddon.

Now I agree with some of the Vocal criticisms... Randy's voice is a bit odd at times and can at times be hard to swallow. (Personally I enjoy it... specially, in contrast to say... Shadows Fall's vocalist - who sounds beyond forced when he screams or sings.) Lyrically it is hostile but with a bit more `intelligent' than much of Randy's counterparts.

Musically however LoG, is well beyond the NWoAHM trend, Chris Adler (Drums) is probably the finest Groove-oriented Metal Drummer since Vinnie Paul. The guitar work is handled by Willie Adler and Mark Morten, who though not as technical as some other guitarists, make up for it with creativity... For example they use a lot of atonal single notes which makes them sound so urgently heavy. The bass is handled by John Campbell, who is a good bass player by metal accounts however the sound in the mix is pushed far into the background.

All in all I highly recommend this disk for fans that may be into the NWoAHM, or just metal in general. Also any Pantera fans looking for someone to take the southern-death torch need not search any further.

Favorite Songs: As the Palaces Burn, 11th Hour, Ruin and Vigil.

-4.25 Stars

As The Palaces Burn
11th Hour
For Your Malice
Boot Scraper
A Devil In God's Country
In Defense Of Our Good Name
Blood Junkie