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"You are a digital bioholographic precipitation, crystallization, miraculous manifestation, of Divine frequency vibrations, coming out of Water. Get it? You are the music, echoing universally, eternally, hydrosonically, with your heart at 528!"

- Dr. Leonard Horowitz

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Irish born      living in LA , 2 albums released      1. So much more     2. Aqua Vous currently working with singer Salome Gasvianni first song Rise up , being tested and proving very promising.

Gold Soul Leo has been producing a wide range of music since late 2004.

I am a musician, teacher, and mother.  I started learning music when I was 7 years old, on the guitar.  Since then I have learned the clarinet, flute, saxophone, mandolin and recently at the age of 50 I started learning how to play the piano.  I started with Dance tunes in November 2017.  I will donate NEW songs here that will not be uploaded elsewhere.  I really appreciate it if you will make a donation so I can continue to compose new music!  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSRFtEj5aiOAaTp8S3YelBp_sXtskuSMt

International hip hop artist influnced by multiple genres including but not limited to Middle Eastern, Latin and Pop vibes. 

Songwriter Tim Sandars records his songs with various musicians around the world having spent time in Singapore, Bali and London. Influences range from folk, to indie to the blues but always songs with heart and sometimes a little 'conscience' too. 

Somekind of Sonic Traveller. I believe happiness is all around, be grateful and enjoy every little things.