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432 Vs. 528: Honest Debate or CIA Propaganda Fraud?

432Hz Propagandists Act Like COINTELPRO to Debunk 528? Where is the 528/LOVE in That?


Watch thisYouTube clip to learn how spiritually-deprived, anti-528, agent provocateurs operate. Incredibly, they magically disappear 528 along with the original Solfeggio musical scale!


This is a persuasive hit against 528, and lame attempt to discredit Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Are these CIA-COINTELPRO agents and/or simply jealous frauds?


Producers Jamie Buturff and Tyler Thurmond promote 432Hz by lying and claiming 528 is not a frequency at all, because Buturff’s Pentagon cohorts would love to squelch the 528LOVERevolution.


Watch for the many Buturff/Thurmond (B&T) errors in this clip, and ask, why would these two guys be disappearing 528 in their analysis, and neglecting all the research in Dr. Horowitz' The Book of 528: Prospertiy Key of LOVE. Why, if they speak for mathematician Marko Rodin, are they attacking Horowitz, probably Rodin's greatest promoter worldwide. Why, are these guys knocking Horowitz who promtes 432Hz as a "good frequency for healing?" Are these guys really promoting Rodin's work or their own CIA/BigPharma agendas? Here are a few objections to the confusing lies they spew:

1) Rodin did not “start with 1, add 6, to get to 7,” as the liars claim, in developing Rodin's “infinity pattern.” He doubled numbers beginning with 1, 2, 4, 8, (8+8=16=1+6=) 7, (7+7=14=1+4=) 5, (5+5=10=1+0=) 1.


2) Notice B&T always neglect 528 entirely, and on purpose, when shifting numbers in their demonstrations. This is classic COINTELPRO (counter-intelligence propaganda).

3) B&T advance a false Solfeggio on purpose, and stupidly claim the disharmony in nature’s (original 6 note) Solfeggio scale negates its creative power or importance in the mathematical matrix Rodin initially promoted.

4) 528 and 432 played together are not aversive and sound seemingly harmonic, confirmed by dividing one number into the other always getting rational numbers (i.e., 1.22222222~ and 0.818181818~)


5) 528 is disharmonic with 741 for reasons B&T also neglect, along with the reasons the original Solfeggio frequencies present non-harmonically as a natural matrix or scale.)

6) Puleo got the original Solfeggio from Jesus, not as Buturff tells it by studying the Bible. Any legitimate researcher in this field would know that by reading Dr. Horowitz's book, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse.


7) Notice in their credits, B&T neglect Horowitz entirely, but credit Puleo falsely. Without Horowitz, Puleo would never have published the original Solfeggio frequencies.

8) 528 is C(5) when tuned to A=444Hz.  Buturff claims 528 is not a frequency. Wow!

9) Claiming 432 is the central “frequency” for the Solgeggio, nature, and the universe, the propagandists neglect 528 vibrating at the heart of rainbows and heart chakras (greenish yellow.) It is common sense that chlorophyll's sacred geometry, electrochemistry, and biophysics, heralded by the color greenish-yellow, resonates 528nM; whereas 432 resonates dark Navy blue. Which frequency to you want for healing and opening hearts?

Buturff wrote that he is a “Spiritual Results Consultant” who applied his trade at the Pentagon. Maybe that's why the Pentagon promotes profitable wars instead of peace and love?


B&T's spirit of competition versus collaboration, making war, not love in 528, is written all over Buturff’s and Thurmond's confusing script. Their presentation is intentionally confusing, consistent with "Hegelian dialectic" mind-control propaganda. 

Further exposing Buturff, who reportedly pulled out of Rodin’s project(s), while “madderthanalex” reported he smells like a rat from the CIA infiltrating Rodin’s group (as did Tyler Thurmond) to rip Rodin off, and possibly assassinate him, Madderthanalex, who knows Rodin personally, wrote March 22nd, 2011 at 9:04 pm:

“I would say that the family photo at the beginning 
is telling me something. Jamie could be a MK-ultra plant, to hijack Rodins discovery by gradually becoming part of the family. Then the backers of Jamie get rid of Rodin by cancer or accident or heart attack, etc., take your pick. This idea is by no means a stretch for what the Powers That Be are capable of. Jamie is such a cute part of all this now, isn’t he. Bye bye Mr. Rodin. Marko said, 'Jamie is a 'Pentagon man.'”

We at 528Tunes.com agree. Tyler Thurmond and Jamie Buturff’s propaganda is sickening and extremely suspicious. His neglect of 528 is annoying and telling of jealous psychopathology and intended malice.


Quoting Showell:

““528 is a harmonic codex of the Solfeggio tones 852 and 285Hertz.

“The major clue I got was that 528÷6 = 88, which is the ‘mercury sidereal.’ [Editor’s note: The “mercury sidereal” is a measure of movement of mercury in relation to the sun.]

“And in the entire 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, . . . system, as with 11 x 8; with highest value to 99 for 4-D hypercube math, only 528 does this above [that is, fits into this system] with Mercury 88.

“The 528÷6 = 88 took me to pyramid height 481 which is the planetary synod cycle value 481 x 88 = x. [i.e.,

481x88=42.328]. . . . Then x divided by Mars Jupiter synod 816.5 = 51.840~ and the slope of the Great Giza pyramid is this number, 51 .8427~

“This is NOT a coincidence!

“528÷396 = 1.333333. And that process works on various Solfeggio frequencies.

“The slope of the second pyramid at Giza is supposed to be just over 53 degrees. Arctangent 1.33333333333333 = 53.13 degrees.

“Now, look at what the sine and cosine are with that angle— 0.8 and 0.6

“528÷336, the high physics symmetry value, = aPi / 2

“528 x [the square root of 2 which is] 1.41414141414~ = 746.6666~ which flows thru the polytope chart. But when you DIVIDE 528 by ancient square root of two, or 1.4142857 142857 142857 = 373.3333333~.”

By the way, 432+528=0.8181818181~ and 528+432=1.2222222222~

So you see, 528Hz operates in the Master Matrix as a rational number harmonic of 432Hz. Try both, when you get the chance, and see if you can feel the difference in your heart.




Jamie Buturff responded to this article writing:

8:05am Apr 15

Dr. Leonard Horowitz has just publicly accused me of conspiring to commit murder. If he was in TRUTH and integrity with his work he would not need to spread malicious lies. I believe Dr. Horowitz's behavior is the result of repeated exposure to the 528Hz frequency. It may sound good to some at first but causes mental and physical maladies over time. It is why the government has it as the frequency of the dial tone on your phone. WAKE UP!

I'm going to delete this post at the end of the weekend and I want to be done with this topic. When I started this group I wanted to get out to the people the A=432Hz tuning and the evidence that exists. But I can't stand by and allow a deranged man lead so many people astray.



Dr. Horowitz replied:


Buturff is busted for lying, [and contradicting himself about 432 being a frequency for musical tuning, as he states on his video.] I never accused him of “murder,” just COINTELPRO against 528.


By the way, my phone dial tone is far off of 528. So who is “deranged?”


Someone signed me up for his group without my permission, I never registered to receive his group’s mail. I neglected involvement in this [432 promoting/528 bashing] group because it is obviously run by unloving liars, consistent with a CIA/COINTELPRO hit squad.


Bottom line: 432Hz and 528Hz [if used musically] are great frequencies. My preference is 528Hz for use in healing, since “LOVE is the Universal Healer,” and 528Hz, the "MIracle 6" Solfeggio frequency, vibrates at the heart of everything.


More research is needed to determine benefits of 432 and 528 frequencies. Buturff and Thurmond got their “instant karma” for attacking versus collaborating. Blessings from the author of The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, Len Horowitz



Vic Showell responded:


"On the issue of 432.


This is a 360 multiple in the genre of ancient Egyptian 25920.


It is also perfectly suspended between these numbers:

4320 x 1.2 = 5184 = 72 squared;

4320 / 1.2 = 3600 "

Now in solfeggio terms as I have published:


396 x 1.333333333~ = 528 <-------------------------!


1.33333333333 = 4 / 3


This is the Khafre pyramid slope tangent 1.3333333333~ as the standard historic geometry model of the 3-4-5 triangle where the height is 4 the base is 3 and the hypotenuse is 5.


To attain the slope, one simply takes the arctangent of: height / by base. (That is, arctan {4 / 3} = arctan 1.33333333333 = 53.13010235 degrees.

This solfeggio set does this also:

639 x 1.33333333333 = 852


I am certain that no other sets in the 18, that is believed to be the complete Solfeggio, do this. But you should check:

528 x 1.333333333 = 704 = 8 x 88 mercury sidereal (solar orbit).


396 / 1.333333333 = 297-------> 297 x Khufu pyramid slope tangent 1.27 27 27 27 27~ = 378 day saturn synod in ancient egyptian calendar count 1.27 27 27 27 27 = (14 / 11)

I would just stick with the two solfeggio equations to be concise 396 x 1.33333333 = 528; 639 x 1.333333333 = 852


Note with 936, that 936 / 1.333333333 = 702 Mayan Dresden Codex astronomical constant.


Note also with 174, that 174 x 1.3333333 = 232 = 2 x 116

where 116 is the NASA mercury and earth synod.


714 works with ancient number 119 = 7 x 17, and that goes a long way (in math and sacred geometry).


Tthere are a plethora of cosmologic applications within the 18 Solfeggio frequencies.


Now 528 and 432 do appear together in the tetrahedral grid as a fraction in square roots within two prominent angles. (See the pdf diagtams of star of David designs in my latest monograph. CLICK HERE to review: Doc. 11. Grand Unification of Ancient and Modern Math. Includes 528 and Its Relationship to Tetrahedron Sacred Geometry: Khafre and Khufu Pyramid Geometry in Tetrahedral Hexad Geometry; and The Mars Cydonia Hexad Mounds).


I do not understand why they think 432 is a frequency of value, as it is not a Solfeggio frequency. Perhaps they have a different criteria to offer [but why mix apples and oranges?]


It would seem with number 432 ....that 360 would be a better choice of that harmonic.


I have seen this 432 promoted before, and it was by a rogue operative on a forum.


When i engaged their thread, this person literally shrank away and let the thread die. This was odd, because I didn't trash it, I merely added harmonics that he didn't expect.




Here is Vic Showell's graphic proving the square root relationship of 528, divided by 432, in sourcing hexagonal sacred geometry and more. . . .


Reply from Dr. Horowitz:

. . .  Buturff and Thurmond are obviously, as you say, "rogue" operatives. They are not only claiming 432 is a frequency, but also the center of creation / universe. They have a
YouTube clip up where they try to discredit me and 528 in a very shoddy way. Watching it is a study in CIA/FBI COINTELPRO (Counter-Intelligence Program)--mind-controlling/confusing PROPAGANDA. Imagine doing all this to try to discredit LOVE/528, the reason why grass is green and healing? Whose vested interests do these rogue agents serve by attacking the 528LOVERevolution?


I believe Jamie Buturff and Tyler Thurmond infiltrated Rodin with promises of money for his technology. I know Rodin personally. Everyone who knows Rodin personally, especially in Hawaii, acknowledges his mathematical genius but lacking social graces. He is highly susceptible to social and financial manipulation by liars.


Thurmond, at the forefront of this unwarranted video attack on 528, is also known to me personally. In 2008-2009, Thurmond abandoned his pledged administrative participation in LIVEH2O--Concert for the Living Water! He made me all sorts of promises, and expressed great interest in 528 to spread the message of LOVE for global healing. I was shocked to learn that he produced Buturff's script, and was behind the camera.





Above is a photo of Marko Rodin, taken by Dr. Horowitz on 7/5/04 in Pahoa, HI, showing the "147, 258, and 369" special set of "family group numbers" derived from Rodin's simple "Infinity Pattern." These numbers were immediately recognized by Dr. Horowitz as including the original Solfeggio scale number set, from simple shifts that Rodin discussed. Dr. Horowitz's "Perfect Circle of Sound," that includes the orignal Solfeggio frequencies, determined independently, all source from this same set of numbers.


Reputable researchers will notice Buturff/Thurmond intentionally neglected any permutation of 528 in their videotape promoting 432. They neglected the simple fact that 528+432=1.2, and that 4320 x 1.2 = 5184 = 72 squared; and that 4320 / 1.2 = 3600--all key numbers in universal construction.


So it might be legitimately claimed that 528 and 432 are both vitally important in universal construction.


Buturff and Thurmond's negligence is obviously more than simple excusable neglect, given their extensive research and intelligence, and lame attempts to discredit 528 and Dr. Horowitz's works. One must conclude they operate with jealousy and malice, not collaboration in LOVE/528.



Reply From Vic Showell to Dr. Emoto's Request for Info:


Most people refrain from ancient cosmological numerology or modern math with square roots and such, but I join the two processes of the mathematics together as unified harmonic code. Because both numbers have deep ancient cosmological meanings and connotations, the 2 numbers 528 and 432 have unique and fun mathematical relationships.

The 2 numbers are woven together mathematically. Here is one simple and interesting association:

528 + 432 = 960

528 - 432 = 96


I made this as easy as I could, just slowly follow or peruse the progressions:

432 / 528 is:

432 divided by 528 = 0.81 81 81 81 81~ = 81 / 99

OK, the Earth sidereal year: 365.25 days

365.25 x {432 / 528} = A <----

A x {sqrt.8 / sqrt.5} = 378.0071723 ----> the Saturn - Earth synod is 378 days

This above association is perfected in the ancient math with ancient number 231 <---- The following shows quickly one example of many for derivations of the ancient number 231 relative to 528 and 432:

1.Khufu pyramid has a slope with an angle which has a geometry tangent that = 1.27 27 27 27 27~ = {14 / 11}

2.Khufu pyramid base length 756 ft

3. Khufu pyramid base 756 / by 231 = 3.27 27 27 27~ = Khufu pyr. slope tangent 1.27 27 27 27~ + 2

4. 231 is an important angle tangent multiple in Khufu pyramid apex geometry as well {too lengthy to explain}


231 x {sqrt.5 / by sqrt. 2} = 365.2430698 -----> 1.25 minutes off the NASA Earth tropical year of 365.2422 days

Then if you reinstall the ancient Earth tropical year above {as found with modern square roots}, in the prior equation,

then the Saturn synod results as exactly 378 days:

231 x {sqrt.5 / sqrt. 2} = 365.2430698

365.2430698 x {432 / 528} = A <----

A x {sqrt.8 / sqrt.5} = 378 day Saturn synod.


How about those ancient apples?  Ha!

Here is more number magic:

528 + 432 = 960

528 - 432 = 96

---> 432 / 528 = 0.81 81 81 81 81~

1 + {432 / 528} = 1.81 81 81 81~

528 x 1.81 81 81 81~ = 960

432 / 1.81 81 81 81~ = 237.6 ----------> x 10 = 2376 = 4 x 756 {Khufu pyramid base length in feet}

Now check out the cosmologic pyramid in the image for {432 / 528}. The number 25920: is 25920 = 72 x 360 day ancient global civic calendar, etc. {image math content deleted on numbers 216, 123, 162, and 225}  see: sine of angle A


Best wishes,

Vic Showell