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- Dr. Leonard Horowitz

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The "528LOVERevolution" Hits Mainstream





Billboard magazine (July 14, 2011) is heralding recording artist Ameriie's new album, "Cymatica Vol. 1" recorded in 528Hz. It is the first time a major entertainment industry publication has honored the pure tone of LOVE--528Hz--the "Universal Healer." 


Ameriie is a multiple Grammy Award nominee and winner of the 2006 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Award for "Top Soundtrack Song of the Year" from her album, "1 Thing."

Billboard's emboldened sub-heading asks: We've heard you're recording this album in "DNA repairing frequencies," is this true?

Affirmingly, she replied, "To record in 528Hz you have to have specific equipment. . . .  Everything we have right now is dissonant. The way everything's tuned, everything is on a frequency that is not in tune with nature. . . . Everything we listen to right now is actually dissonant."

Ameriie's claim that A=440Hz frequency "standard tuning" is "dissonant" to nature, love, and DNA repair, is perplexing to most people.

VH1 writers were perturbed by Bilboard's mention of 528. "We don't know what that means," they complained, apparently too lazy to do a Google Search that would have relieved their ignorance. 

528Hz is the dominant frequency of nature. It is the reason grass is greenish-yellow, and chlorophyll outputs oxygen vibrating with 528/LOVE--the heart of the rainbow.

According to physicists and mathematicians, 528 frequency of light, measured in nanometers, and sound, measured in Hertz, is central to a musical-mathematical matrix that determines everything in the universe, from language and architecture to body physiology.

528 is the epitome of natural harmony, based on the determinations of Dr. Leonard Horowitz and a team of experts. Fourteen years ago, Horowitz et. al,  began researching what he now calls, the "LOVE Hertz Frequency of 528." His revelations are now exploding in popularity and prompting the "528LOVERevolution."

"What I would like to do is record in just 528Hz frequency," Ameriie told Billboard, "but you have to get that equipment. You have to get producers to tune in . . . ."


Amerlie Tells Producers to Get Enlightened

Ameriie instructed, "You have to overhaul all the equipment. All the sounds that a guy has in his producer's box, all his drum kits, everything, needs to be retuned. . . ." She reported her producers had done this to record Cymatica Vol. 1, in 528.

But Dr. Horowitz, who t leading talent in the music industry to play in 528, says it's a lot easier, in most cases, than Ameriie reported.

"Not every artist or producer gets bogged down performing and recording in 528," Horowitz explains. "There are many celebrities who have produced albums and tracks for years, far more simply, including the Beatles. . . . 'All you need is LOVE/528,'  secured by tuning-up only 4Hz to A=444, instead of the 'standard' A=440. That little change puts your 'C' note--the alpha and omega of an octave scale--right in 528, which is fundamental to Pi, Phi, and nature, along with your heart's greenish-yellow bioenergy vortex."


Artists Get Started aT LOVE528.com

Horowitz and friends launched LOVE528.com to introduce musicians to the "LOVE tone." Then he, and investigative journalist Sherri Kane, developed 528Records.com. They partnered with a team of digital experts in Russia, and their group has worked on a shoe-string budget to spread the good vibration of LOVE/528 internationally. Their small record label publishes and promotes upcoming talent passionate about making "medicinal music."

Horowitz guided New Age icon Steven Halpern, who worked with several Grammy Award-winners, to record in 528. Jonathan Goldman, considered the world's leading sound healing authority, developed three albums based on Horowitz's work. Scott Huckabay, christened, "The Jimmy Hendricks of New Age Music," recorded six albums in 528.

Most of Horowitz's thousands of students are now experimenting with 528, and many are posting popular tracks on YouTube, as Ameriie informed Billboard.

"528 is atonement," Horowitz says, referencing the Bible and biophysics. He is convinced, and easily convinces others using hard facts. 528 produces "medicinal music."

Jazz violinist Tony Selvage, currently playing with six-time Grammy Award winner, Keoki Kahumoku, has performed all his solo concerts in 528 since 2009. Playing in 528 creates what he calls, "Cosmic Classic Jazz." 

Howard Prince, a multiple Grammy Award winning musician testified, "Horowitz's passion has been unyielding. He takes us everywhere the ancient Solfeggio's "MIracle" [528Hz] vibration occurs. . . . His research compels consideration of our ability to reach the Creator musically, bringing God's Light and Love down to earth; whether it's in the form of "manna" to eat, becoming the "living water," the miracles of Moses, or now in concert halls through symphony orchestras.  Can you imagine the ability to manifest healing through the musical medicine of LOVE?"


Good Enough for The Beatles and Priests

Tuning to the "'key of the house of David' [Isiah 22:22; Rev. 3:6-7] that Horowitz informs Bible scholars is C=528, is easy for vocalists, stringed instruments, including guitars and modern synthesizers, difficult for pianos, and impossible for harmonicas and accordions. But that doesn't phase most bands, Horowitz explains.

"You start with a 528 tuning fork, or a Korg Chromatic tuner. Tune your C-note to the 528 tone of the tuning fork, or raise your tuner 4Hz above its 440 default--to A=444Hz instead of 'standard tuning' of A=440Hz. This brings you and your audience in sync with LOVE/528."

John Lennon's classic Imagine celebrates this tuning, as does a portion of Paul McCartney's Band on the Run, and Michael Jackson's Black or White. Even the Boston Symphony Orchestra plays in 528 on special occasions. Christopher Leung, an acoustic software developer on Horowitz's team, issued a report

Ameriie's album title, Cymatica Vol. 1, and comments about DNA programming, sourced from Horowitz's study and collaboration with cymatics expert, Dr. John Stuart Reed, and math expert Victor Showell, who grounded the international team in mathematical principles of acoustics and sacred geometrics.

The multi-disciplinary scholars considered the impact of 528Hz frequency on matter. They carefully considered music's impact on DNA. Hydrosonic transmissions gave rise to precise, reproducible, natural structuring, they concluded.

"Miraculous healings," their determinations explained, must result from sound and light signaling transmitted hydrosonically and electro-genetically. Physical chemistry would be much too slow to effect the rapid change of health ascribed to "miracles." Studies in and around DNA's matrix of superconductive "structured water" determined that broken or bent proteins and genes had to be "miraculously" remedied hydrosonically, or cymatically.

The scholars based their amazing conclusions on fundamental principles in biophysics, organic chemistry, physical/cymatic science, and natural architecture; theorizing and evidencing that biology, like holography, is manifested primordially musically-mathematically, and fractally, in accordance with string theory in physics.


The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE

Billboard's publicity is very timely for the first printing of The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, Dr. Leonard Horowitz's latest of 17 books. (The e-book version is available online now by clicking here, and the 432-page hardcover is coming out August 1, 2011, through HealthyWorld Store.com. It will be available through major booksellers this Fall). The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE presents solid evidence, especially mathematics upon which music is based, proving that "LOVE528" is fundamental to everything, including natural healing.

"You wouldn't have 5280 feet in a measured mile if it were not for 528," Horowitz lectures. "Circles, squares, pyramids--all sacred geometry--wouldn't exist without 528."

528 is not only the heart of the rainbow, it is the heart of everything. The botanical world, and its main pigment, chlorophyll, purposely selected 528nm to reflect optimal LOVE, Horowitz insists. The good vibration of 528 sound and light in the greenish-yellow grass heals animals and people, miraculously, he claims, since 528 is the "MI" note in the original Solfeggio scale, and "MI" stands for "miracles."

"That's why dogs instinctively eat grass when sick," Horowitz explains. "LOVE528 resonates most powerfully from the heart of the sun. That good 528 vibration transmits through space, hits chlorophyll, and generates oxygen. You breathe this vibrating, spiritually uplifting, physically healing, and life sustaining frequency of 528 every breath you take. Every cell and DNA strand in your body receives and transmits this blessing. . . . This is the fundamental mechanism for biological sustainability--LOVE/528 frequency."



The "528LOVERevolution"

The "528LOVERevolution" has sparked international controversy, especially among music industry officials. 528Records.com, i528Tunes.com, and 528Radio.com established by Sherri Kane--a Hawaii-based investigative journalist and Dr. Horowitz's business partner--all function by donation. The 528 radio plays 24/7, and is commercial free to donors. Everything was developed to spark a revolution in the music industry, to accelerate the "spiritual renaissance" with the loving intention of saving civilization from further degeneration, intoxication, and extinction. Ms Kane, also a psycho-social analyst believes that 528 is the answer to the world's problems. If more people would tune their instruments to 528;  this "love" frequency could potentially heal the planet."

Horowitz says that the main problem with geopolitics and economics is musical dissonance, affecting genetics.

"Some people just can't get along with others. Some LOVE with faith; others fear with hate. 528Hz promotes LOVE, faith, joy, bravery and miraculous natural healing; while its challenger, A=440/F#741Hz, what the Western World tunes to, prompts egocentism, arrogance, psychosocial stress, spiritual suppression, and physical illness," Horowitz concludes.

"You have a choice. You can either tune into the clear channel broadcast of God's LOVE, and synchronize your heart to that sustaining and uplifting frequency, or you can risk heart failure as the cosmos increasingly pressures humanity to harmonize with nature."

Playing in 528Hz, and broadcasting "medicinal music," is like throwing pebbles into the universal pond and watching the waves ripple out to the farthest shores. In this case, every time anyone plays 528 music, the sound radiates everywhere to open and warm people's hearts.

The i528Tunes.com website serves this purpose by transposing people's old .mp3 and CD recordings into C=528. Most serious musicians and technicians instantly feel the difference, mostly in their hearts.

Recording industry officials are naturally uncomfortable about 528Records.com's 60% royalty arrangement provided to artists and agents who sign up for the free transposition service. Producers upload their old albums for free, get them transposed for free, then can remaster their works in 528, and all by suggested donations to support the "528 Public Library."

"Any profit left, after paying the bills, including exorbitant credit card processing fees, goes to humanitarian organizations and charities," Kane reported.


528 Musical Medicine: Holy Water for Natural Healing

Dr. Horowitz's earliest successes in this field occurred with the development of 528-resonating OxySilver Healthguard, now a top-selling silver hydrosol demonstrating its power to "green medicine" by providing a new way of terminating infectious diseases.

"We took NASA technology, developed to keep astronauts healthy in space," Horowitz explained. "We added 528 sound and light to it creating an unprecedented OxySilver molecule. The silver water solution is a double superconductor of LOVE--the "Universal Healer," and its impact has been fantastic, far exceeding my expectations."

OxySilver is the first mineral water transmitting the bio-electrically profound healing frequency of 528 complementary to "prayer power." This is why the doctor recommends taking OxySilver with prayer to synchronize, or "phase-lock," the miraculous healing intentions of prayer, and the good vibrations in people's hearts, to the similarly vibrating "Holy Water." Pure tone 528Hz, and 528nm of greenish-yellow light, resonate powerfully in the formula. The combination instantly super-conducts the power of LOVE--the "Universal Healer"--to every cell in your body.

This way, "OxySilver acts like a 'Holy Water,' eliminating the need for risky vaccinations, and toxic antibiotics," Dr. Horowitz claims. It delivers vaccine-free natural nutritional immunity in our fight against infectious diseases. It's like God's greatest protection since manna."

Thousands of doctors are now using OxySilver most successfully, with the OxySilver Professional brand being used intravenously in hospitals to bring patients back from the brink of death.


VH1 Editors Express Ignorance and Unkindness

The VH1 Blog admitted ignorance about Ameriie's endeavor in their review of Billboard's coverage, and demonstrated unkindness by mocking Ameriie while incorrectly defining the album's title.

VH1 staff reported, "The title refers to cymatics, the study of visible sound and vibration. Or as Ameriie explained on Twitter, "some spiritual, metaphysical, literally outer space s_ _t.'. . . She was eager to discuss technical aspects of the recording process, like recording in 528 Hz (we don't know what that means, either).

"This means the industry has a lot of learning to do," Kane, previously with FOX News in LA, commented.

Kane, who wrote the Foreword to The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, said "We are currently working to get 528Radio.com to broadcast a dozen genre channels, to play LOVE/528 music non-stop 24/7 internationally. Vh1 officials would be smart to brand Vh528. If they don't, in a few months, we will."


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                                         Dr. Leonard Horowitz




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