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"You are a digital bioholographic precipitation, crystallization, miraculous manifestation, of Divine frequency vibrations, coming out of Water. Get it? You are the music, echoing universally, eternally, hydrosonically, with your heart at 528!"

- Dr. Leonard Horowitz

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Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Legal restrictions and terms of use applicable to this site?


The services provided on this site have been gifted in their entirety by donations, mostly from a few sustaining sponsors, and administrators of this site are virtually all volunteer, and are doing their best to provide this service to the best of their abilities, often under trying circumstances and limited resources.


It is beyond the purpose of this site, and capacity of its administrators, to deal with matters involving complex technical support. Most people who use this service succeed in gaining desired benefits; however, a few people may not be able to operate this site effectively, as it requires computer literacy, a good (ideally fast) Internet connection, and a "learning curve."


Services accessed through this site are provided "AS IS," and without warranty express or implied. All implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular use or purpose are hereby excluded.


Although we have not experienced problems with viruses, we are unable to guarantee or warrant that files available for downloading from this site will be free of infection or viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code that manifests contaminating or destructive properties.


All materials found on this site are copyrighted by the sources of the content, and may be downloaded and/or reprinted for personal use only, for which a suggested donation is encouraged to maintain this site's operations. Any redistribution, retransmission or publication of any material is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the copyright owner(s).


The management of this site reserves the right to cancel any subscriptions, terminate user accounts, and/or block any user's activities on this site by its own discretion, at any time, and without notice, although we will do our best to provide such notice to whom it may concern at our earliest opportunity. If termination occurs, for whatever reason, donors will receive a full refund for their donations for services and/or music not received.




2)  How will I receive the music I order after making a donation? 


Users receive transposed music files in mp3 format, in their e-mail box provided at registration, after submitting their order and authorizing a donation. 



3)  Will you ship music in a "hard copy" CD, or just in a downloadable music file?


THIS MUSIC TRANSPOSITION AND DOWNLOAD SERVICE DOES NOT SHIP "HARDCOPY" MUSIC CDs. You can burn your own CDs, if you wish, from the file(s) you receive back from us after making a donation for the transposition service. In this way, i528Tunes.com is not violating Digital Rights Management (DRM) Protection laws. (READ MORE HERE.) In fact, your i528Tune is your property alone, and you can do anything you wish with your personal property, including burning a CD, or having someone else burn one for you. (In order to acknowledge artists rights, and those of their labels, and generate goodwill, we have developed a most generous royalty policy. See "Instructions for Artists" below.)



4)  If I upload albums to the library, can I download the 528 conversion for free, or do I have to pay for that album?


There is zero fees for donating your music to the LOVE 528 Music Library. When you do this by uploading your albums, the music is quickly converted to 528Hz frequency to be downloaded by user(s) upon request and donation authorization. Likewise, artists who record in 528Hz, can simply donate for free their music to the LOVE 528 Music Library; and then receive a 60% royalty whenever anyone makes a donation to download that 528Hz recording.


In other words, the transposed version of the music you upload will soon become available to you and others on this site. Your donated albums or tracks, and suggested monetary donation(s), are all considered gifts, acknowleging the blessing of this service.



5)  Is the tranposing of music into 528Hz for original artists and agents only? Can one take purchased music from a third-party, let's say iTunes, library and have it transposed?


There are two questions and answers here. The first answer is. "No," and the second is "Yes."


Anyone can transpose any music they wish. BUT ONLY THE RECORDING ARTIST(S) [and/or their agent(s)] are allowed to register as "Artist" members and receive their 60% royalty. Thus, every musician worldwide that records music (preferably in 528) is encouraged to register, to receive their honorable royalty(ies). People, like you, provide incentive for artists to register in this music cooperative by purchasing their music, from let's say iTunes, and then transposing it here on i528Tunes.com.


So the answer to the second question is, Yes. We encourage you to take music purchased from a third-party vendor (e.g., iTunes), that becomes your property when you buy it, and donate it here, thus, transposing it here, and receiving the music back by e-mail attachment from us in the healthier, spiritually uplifting, 528 frequency form.


This helps you, helps the artists, helps civilization evolve musically/spiritually, as well as encourages a "musical evolution of consciousness and bio-energetics" consistent with advancing peace on earth, world health, and the "paradigm-shift" nearly every loving intelligent person desires and deserves. 



6)  Could you please add senior adult oldies such as Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Henry Mancini, and big band music...that era generation music?


No. But you can!


Buy your "senior adult oldies" online elsewhere, and then follow the instructions (see above #3).


We are not in the business of buying or selling A=440Hz frequency recorded "oldies." We are a not-for-profit humanitarian enterprise providing YOU with the ability to take energetically distructive "oldies," and transpose them into energetically uplifting and healing music.


In other words, this is a service where you would take your music, and use our technology to transpose your music. You purchase your music through commercial outlets whereever you want. Then you come to us to upload, and transpose, music that you, and others, can enjoy, e-mailed to you in 528/LOVE.


If you see a lot of albums already on our site, giving the FALSE impression we are a "normal" music seller, don't be fooled. All music currently on this site has been legally purchased, uploaded, and converted by other users/supporters as detailed above.



7)  Can you please add classical, Bach, Mozart, Schubert, etc.?


No. But you can. Please see answer to question #4, and check out our classical music file to see what others have donated.



8)  How does this apply to Djs who affect thousands of people. They have thousands and thousands of songs that need to be converted . This would take too long to do at this rate... And only a filthy rich Dj would be able to buy his own songs back that have been transposed.  How does this transposing thing practically apply to working and performing Djs?


Our program developers are already developing 528Hz transposition software that may become available commercially as a cost effective solution to this problem.


However, many "conscious" DJs will not wait. Many professionals understand what we are doing, and will immediately jump on this "musical revolution" for at least two reasons: 1) The people who dance and enjoy their 528Hz transpositions will FEEL more invigorated, energized, spiritually uplifted, even healed, without even knowing the cause. What is that added value to music worth?


Obviously, this creates a WHOLE NEW MARKET for "conscious" DJs to develop special music and dance events. What they charge for this "value added" bonus to their careers and businesses is not our focus.


Developers of i528Tunes.com are advancing 528Radio.com that, say, for example, every Friday night, would play 528/LOVE dance music for special parties.


We have developed i528Tunes.com to advance an urgently needed REVoLUTION. We are humanitarians first, entrepreneurs second. Keep in mind the GRAND INCEPTION of shifting global spirituality using musical energy--LOVE in 528Hz frequency. We are the small pebble thrown into a pond, radiating 528/LOVE to the farthest shore. 528 Music "KICKS" people out of their lower energy LEVELS into a healthier holistic reality. DJs and radio jocks can do their thing with the same mission in mind, . . . or not.


The choice here is very clear, if you really understand what we are doing. . . . DJs are either part of the problem, or part of the solution.



9)  Where do I find the sample sounds for Scott Huckaby?





10)  I cannot hear a difference between what I uploaded and downloaded. Are you guys a fraud?


It's okay that you can't "hear" a difference, but CAN YOU FEEL a difference?


We have described the difference in what you hear as VERY subtle, but most sensitive audiophiles feel a difference. Many feel a MAJOR difference.


Dr. Horowitz challenged the technical developers of this site with the same question. Their explanation is found by  CLICKING HERE. The techies proved there is a difference in quality, that you can measure by testing the 528Hz frequency transposition, thusly:


Place both tracks side by side in a software program like GarageBand, Pro Tools, or Sound Track Pro. You will see the 528 track is slightly shorter, meaning it is slightly (virtually unnoticably) faster. So energetically, there is a difference.


Dr. Horowitz says that i528Tunes.com 440Hz/528Hz transpositions provide a "subtle," albeit "significant" benefit, as he personally experiences by more frequent "breath releases." Yet, he claims, he gains even more relaxation and positive physiological responses when listening to 528Hz recorded music.


In other words, the 528Hz transposition works, but the purer direct recording in 528Hz is more powerful and preferred. . . . This is why artists are encouraged to tune their voices and instruments in 528Hz, and record in this most beneficial frequency, then upload their 528 works directly into the 528 Music Lovers Library, without transposing them.



11) Can I get a refund of my donation if I am not totally satisfied?


We do not intend to make enemies, because life is simply, TOO SHORT.


To get a full refund, or for technical assistance simply contact our customer service rep by telephone or e-mail. Call #310-877-3002 Toll Free: 1-888-508-4787, and e-mail: Editor@MedicalVeritas.org




12)  How do we contact the company:  CLiCK HERE

 Call 310-877-3002


13) Upon what science does Dr. Horowitz base the following claim, and the claim that 528 helps repair damaged DNA?


Read The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, to gain a full download of uplifting information regarding the electrogenetics of the musical mathematics upon which this theory of DNA repair is based.


"We now know the love signal, 528 Hertz, is among the six core creative frequencies of the universe because math doesn't lie, the geometry of physical reality universally reflects this music; these findings have been independently derived, peer reviewed, and empirically validated," - Dr Len Horowitz


To begin to answer this important question, here is a web page, written by Dr. Horowitz, with pertinent information:




The linked page summariizes Dr. Horowitz's thesis, providing evidence supporting 528, generically.


Specifically, regarding DNA repair, everyone awaits more research publications in this field, especially regarding DNA repair and 528.


It was Dr. Lee Lorenzen who simply, matter-of-factly, provided Dr. Horowitz with the statement that DNA repair was facilitated by 528Hz.


Dr. Lorenzen is a reputable scientist, and Dr. Horowitz trusted Lorenzen's statement, and credited him in references in this regard.


Following years of accumulating information about 528, and understanding more about electrogenetics, it made sense to Dr. Horowitz that 528Hz frequency would create a natural resonance by which DNA, spinning in its water matrix, would be cymatically affected and potentially even restructured, back to its original, natural, form.


The form or structure of DNA itself, most obviously, reflects Marko Rodin's "Infinity Pattern," as Dr. Horowitz showed in his book, Walk on Water.


Here is one of Victor Showell's scholarly analyses PROVING 528 resonates mathematically at the heart of everything.


If you are a concerned SCIENTIST, you must know the ''hardest science" IS MATH!


Many of Dr. Horowitz's peers have heralded the same conclusion as he has regarding 528.


Now that we know 528 resonates at the center, or heart, of the universe, what vibration do you believe lies at the center of your heart?


If you answered "528," common sense says "Yes."


And what emotion lies at the center of your heart?


Most people would say, "LOVE."


In fact, only people attached to fearful hateful paradigms, or petty jealousies, write nasty things about 528, Dr. Horowitz, or the potential to bring peace to earth musically through LOVE/528.



14) Why are people writing on the Internet that 528 is part of the Church of Satan?


The "Above Top Secret.com" group spread lies about 528. They are directed by a Langley, Virginia, CIA/COINTELPRO propagandist ring, a group of counter-intelligence agents, that have spread fraudulent information to discredit 528 and Dr. Leonard Horowitz's work beginning in 2009, following his success with Concert for the Living Water and his stunning expose on the Partnership for New York City.


AboveTopSecret.com authors have plastered the Internet with false claims that 528 is part of the Church of Satan, and important to the Baphomet. These agents are linked to the CIA/FBI COINTELPRO agents that investigative journalist Sherri Kane and Dr. Horowitz exposed in plotting to assassinate Dr. Horowitz, mostly because of this work advancing the 528LOVERevolution.


A blade of grass resonates in 528Hz, the heart of the rainbow, not 432, although I like 432 much better than 440. 432 transmits beneficial energy, potentially useful for healing, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature, as is 528Hz.


Now, regarding the "Above Top Secret" group of hateful propagandists, it makes sense they would be most knowledgeable about Aleister Crowley's affection for 528.


Satan has an affection for everything the Creator creates. The Creator created all the numbers, and some numbers hold special values/energies. Tesla, for instance, celebrated the 3s,6s,and 9s, as did Pythagorus, Plato and daVinci. 528 resolves to a 6. 666 resolves to a 9, as does 432. Furthermore, when you divide 528 by 432 you get 1.222222~, which is a rational number versus an "irrational" number. Divide 432 by 528, you also get a rational number: 0.818181~.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Satan creates nothing but chaos, and confusion (i.e., "irrationality") by lies--COUNTERINTELLIGENCE-- and steals everything that can be stolen, especially faith and trust in the Creator, His/Her creations, and the creative technology the Creator uses to create, that is, musical math. There is nothing inherently evil about any number, since the Creator created the musical-mathematical matrix of the universe wherein every number in the "Perfect Circle of Sound" is represented.


However, musicologists and classical musicians know that the "Devil's Tone" or "Devil's Interval" is the combination of "MI in 528" and "SO in 741;" and that recently Michael Walton discovered that 741Hz in the original Solfeggio is the F# note, (i.e., augmented 4th) within the A=440Hz Standard Tuning scale. This was instituted by the Rockefeller Foundation from war research into psychosocial stress induction and producing "mass hysteria."


So you see, the Devil has had his way with instituting A=440/741Hz standard tuning, BUT YOU DO NOT READ ONE WORD ABOUT THIS FROM "ABOVE TOP SECRET" AGENT PROVOCATEURS.


This is why Crowley liked 528 and 666.


 "666" as you may, or may not, know, regards the alpha-numeric code Dr. Joseph Puleo advanced in Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse that is required to solve the "counting-a-name riddle" in Rev: 13:18. Dr. Horowitz was the one who advanced the solution to the riddle. It implicates Henry KISSINGER (Nelson Rockefeller's protege, nuclear weapons guru, and AIDS virus depopulationist) as the "name of a man" identified by "666."


Suffice it to say, you would be less than prudent to fall for disinformation artists creating lies and fears about 528.


It is just like Satan, and his Church of Satan members, to discredit pure LOVE generated most powerfully by the pure tone, 528Hz.


15) What is iDosing, and does 528Hz music have anything to do with this new, seemingly destructive, craze?

"i-dosing" is supposedly a way to get people 'high' on frequencies or music the way you can get "high" on drugs. There has been an array of news reports on this new craze:






We have no idea what frequencies these people are using, so we reallly cannot comment on this "i-dosing" issue, until more information becomes available.


There are several people who are using combinations of "all" the Solfeggio frequencies, including one posted recently on David Icke's website.


One person who listened to the combination of tones linked to the Icke website got very disturbed, probably because the idiots that created that audio neglected Dr. Horowitz's warnings issued since 1998. DO NOT LISTEN TO 528Hz AND 741Hz TOGETHER. This combination of the "augmented 5th" is called, in classical musicology, 'THE DEVIL'S INTERVAL" or the "DEVIL'S TONE." THE COMBINATION IS VERY STRESSFUL AND AVERSIVE.

Dr. Horowitz feels certain that agent-provocateurs for MI6 and CIA would be behind doing things like this in order to get people to avoid the legitimate research and healing that 528Hz music is relaying.


For people who have been disturbed by any music, or combinations of tones (contraindicated or from i-dosing) Dr. Horowitz recommends simply listening to the pure tone of 528Hz. If this natural healing tone is good enough for balancing the universe, and all of nature, it should provide re-harmonization for humans as well.


16) To receive the frequency benefits, does the quality of your speakers matter?


We believe they do for recorded music. The best source of healing music is live vocals and instrumentals. Degradation of acoustic quality during recordings often occurs, and poor quality speakers also distort sound quality.