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Dear Dr Horowitz,


Just read your article on A=432Hz vs A=440Hz tunings. I'm a performing songwriter with more interest in healthy listeners than a healthy bank account, so I tried this tuning today and was astounded by the difference. I seriously regret my previous five CDs in A=440Hz, I will never go back to performing or recording in that tuning. Thanks for getting the information out there, I had never considered this, since I've always been more focused on researching and writing songs than the mechanics of music itself. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know!




Jim Pipkin "Original Americana - Sour Mash for the Soul"

POB 5558 Mesa, Arizona USA - 85211-5558




Below are a series of supportive emails in response to attacks against 528 & Dr. Horowitz by suspected CIA/FBI COINTELPRO agents



From: Leonard Horowitz



Date: Sun, May 8, 2011 at 4:51 AM



Subject: Re: Wow! Case Study in Industrial Espionage and Sabotage.





Thanks for your encouraging mail. I think this entire matter has been a "cosmic" lesson in "instant karma gonna get you," for Buturff et al. Notice its timing? . . . This came a week after you and John and Vic and Daniel held a very substantive research dialogue on these matters that modeled professionalism, common courtesy and decency, academic brilliance, and humanitarian service. 


I was so proud of the way you guys did that, it actually made me cry, feeling so blessed that there are people with your knowledge and skills willing to donate their time and direct their passions into a common goal of serving humanity most profoundly; in this case by digging for the truth . . .  the truth that shall, if my hypothesis is correct, set civilization free of stupidity and genocidal slavery.






On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 2:49 PM, LUNARTUNAR wrote:


Hi Len,


I'd also like to comment on "Jamie Burtuff."


I noticed he posted a video on his youtube channel a few weeks ago called "Acoustic Warfare via the Telephone via 444hz". I actually bookmarked it because I thought it was such crap. 


He took it down pretty quick, because many people clicked "dislike" on the video and we exposed it for the fraud that it was.


Here's the non-working link, I still had saved... 


It was a disgusting attempt at being deceptive, and he was obviously trying to discredit 444/528 in a very sneaky way.



In his video he showed a phone off the hook, causing a dial tone, and a guitar tuner next to it. The guitar tuner was set to 444hz as the tuning mode, so it said "444" on the tuner, to make it look like the phone was causing the tuner to register as 444hz. He put the tuner near the phone and when it occasionally lit up green (because it was registering the "F" note of 350hz) he zoomed his camera in on it to try to falsely show that the dial tone was 444hz, and that 444hz was "acoustic warfare."


For the record, the standard North American Dial Tone is 350hz and 440hz together, that's what makes that awful sound. It is definitely not 444hz. I even posted a video demonstrating this and made it a video response to his nonsense.


The description of his video also included supposed second hand comments about his "friends" who met you at a convention and said you were yelling at them and threatening them, which came across as totally bogus.


The video was obviously trying to discredit you and 444/528.


The video was still up for a few days so my friends and I took some action and we gave him a lot of "dislikes" and more comments talking about how he was wrong. He responded with some comments about how the tuner clearly proved his point. But anyone who can read a guitar tuner would know it was baloney. Soon after he pulled the video off youtube.


Here is a link to prove the video I'm referring to existed, part of the description was cached on this site (sorry about the long link)



I thought to mention this at some point, but honestly just forgot about it until I saw this email I was cc'd on.


Also, if you watch his videos "Jamie Burtuff" speaks with no passion, and never speaks from the heart. He has a cold look in his eyes, and in his main video, the "Cosmic 432" he sounds and looks like he is either reading from cue cards or a teleprompter. 


As far as 432, yeah it does sound good to tune an instrument to, but doesn't have the same uplifting quality of 528.


The fact that this man exists and is putting out his garbage only lends more credibility, in my opinion, to the miracle frequency 528.


Anyway, that's my two cents on this guy. I think he's a fraud and probably works for the govt in some capacity.


Hope this helps about the question of the dude's character.


Hope you are well!







On May 7, 2011, at 12:09 PM, LUNARTUNAR wrote:


Hi Len and Sherri,


Cool, I'm glad I could help out.


You are both doing amazing work, and I pray for you both to continue in peace.


In fact, there are many, many people who support your work and will always be there to protect you.


On another level you are most definitely protected by a higher intelligence in another density.


As for Jamie "Butthurt" and his hive mind buddies, the universe will sort them out.


And as far as 432, they can say it's "cosmic,"  but 528 is LOVE!


Can't really beat that.


You guys keep rocking. Looking forward to the 528 book in paper form.






On Sat, May 7, 2011 at 1:59 PM, Leonard Horowitz wrote:




Chris, I am blown away by your revelations about Buturff's assault on 444Hz. I had no idea . . . And now I must completely agree with you, that Buturff's deleted 444 video was a sneaky way to discredit me and 528Hz frequency.


Sherri Kane's reply to you here puts the nail in Buturff's coffin. We know that Tyler Thurmond is Buturff's videographer, and wrote the script that Buturff narrates. It is a mind-blower that Thurmond is great friends with the two men, Jos Daniels and Gary Pratt, who assaulted Kane and I physically, using some kind of laser weapon, witnessed and reported by Wendy Edrington, producer of the Granada Forum. These co-conspirators harassed us emotionally, and Daniels photographed us illegally for scalar weaponry attacks. The security and police finally came after Sherri personally apprehended Jos Daniels, and they removed their unauthorized photos, after being informed of the attacks and harassments. 


Indeed, minutes later Thurmond, the source of Buturff's malicious and fraudulent videos, showed up to announce his close working relationship with Daniels, Pratt, and Buturff. 


Thurmond blew my mind when he told me that he PRODUCED Buturff's videos, because I had naively trusted Thurmond in 2008-2009, during the planning stages of LIVE H2O--The Concert for the Living Water. Thurmond said he offered administrative and video support for the global event. Lance Larson, from "WESTERNFRONT," an artistic designer and merchandising consultant, introduced me to Thurmond, AS WELL AS Jos Daniels and Gary Pratt. So Larson is the common denominator in the infiltrations.


Rodin, who is TOTALLY naive and susceptible to every contrivance, currently operates closely with Larson, Thurmond, and to some degree Buturff.


In terms of the FREE ENERGY INDUSTRY, its implications, and its complementary determinations in musical/mathematics impacting MODERN MEDICINE vis-a-vis NATURAL HYDROSONIC HEALING, this is a case study in industrial espionage, sabotage, and counterintelligence.


Based on the evidence, I must conclude that Sherri Kane's conclusion that these agents advance an organized criminal conspiracy. Their recent actions to engage and even discredit, or neutralize Rodin, and certainly discredit me and 528Hz frequency, strongly suggest a sophisticated CIA COINTELPRO OPERATION. 


Sherri Kane raises the question, "Why else would they waste their time launching such a well-funded, well-organized, group attack against 528 and Horowitz? There's no money in it, except for the energy and drug industries." 


Her conclusion, "CIA plants," is the most reasonable explanation, given this twisted web of agent provocateurs demonstrating malicious, fraudulent, even criminal actions, 




Len Horowitz




On May 7, 2011, at 9:15 AM, Sherri Kane wrote:


Hi Chris,


I agree. Jamie Buturff and possibly his dog, Tyler Thurmond, are CIA plants.


Tyler's criminal friends Jos Daniels and Thunder Cloud aka Gary Pratt, a convicted wife beater felon, contacted us a few months ago through Lance (WESTERNFRONT), about working with us to produce hologram products. Fortunately Len and I were warned about them at the Health Freedom conference last month, prior to meeting with them in person, by someone they ripped off. When they figured out, we were on to them, Jos Daniels showed up in a disguise and Thunder Cloud parked at a vacant booth next to us to harass us. Then Daniels tried to photograph Len and I for scalar weaponry. We have a witness that saw a red beam coming out of the camera. I chased him down and apprehended him until security forced him to remove the photograph. He and Thunder Cloud were forced to leave the conference. Suddenly Tyler Thurmond showed up at the scene claiming they were his friends.


These were obvious infiltrators who have now infiltrated Marko Rodin, if Rodin too, is not in on it. But who can be really sure at this point? I mean it is beyond me, how Rodin can be working so closely with these guys and not be aware of the disinformation they are putting out! Rodin seems to be claiming ignorance, but ultimately he is responsible for the abuse of his research by others, with whom he is closely working.


Thanks for all of your great support.


Best Wishes in 528,













From: Daniel Koehler

Date: Sat, May 7, 2011 at 3:48 AM





Hello Len,


Obviously I would not even be close to commenting from a mathematicians side as that is not my gift, although I can follow some of it and get an idea what is the goal of an example.  So I will comment from a testimony side which I do have. 


I come from a whole different side of the 528 hertz by experiencing the benefits not even knowing the frequency was anything connected to it, but I just felt the blessing and then had to trace down what frequency was giving that. It could have been any frequency for all I cared back then as I had no pet frequency or any knowledge that one was different from another.  When I found out which one was giving special energy I noted that frequency and I talked with a friend that said 528 hertz is all over the Internet and is something really special... and I didn't know that as it was news to me.  All I knew was I tuned a prototype grand piano that had more sustain then any piano on the planet and that I upgraded my laptop tuning system program that piano tuners use and things started happening.  I didn't understand that the computer tuning program upgrade totally reinstalled the program off of standard pitch.  Why this became important is because sound cards in computers are close but not perfect pitch, so you must plus or minus the computers software to tweak it to perfect pitch.  I did that originally so I did not need to do it again because this was just an upgrade (I thought).  What I didn't realize is that the manufacturer of the program reinstated the whole program requiring this calibration to be done again, which I didn't do.  So what happened is my sound cards default pitch took over and I started tuning pianos at that pitch whatever that was (not knowing at the time anything happened).  


On wood bridge pianos this "new pitch" seemed to make the pianos brighter sounding on an overall hindsight look, but I still did not know that I was not on pitch because it was close to pitch. If it had been farther I would have noticed. Then what happened was I had tuned the prototype piano which has better sustain and it sounded better to me as I called it... "like it came alive" as the sound was so enticing and projecting nicely the interactions of the harmonics that were felt strong.  At a later date when all the strings started settling or stabilizing to on pitch (new piano strings give and take and holding exact pitch is difficult at first) I was playing cards with my parents and between shuffles they recommended I play a song on the prototype which I did.  Much to my amazement I felt something in my head that was a tingling good feeling, so I tried to locate that lost chord and find out what caused that feeling, which in the end of my few minutes of searching I found it was only one key out of the whole 88 keys possible.  That one key was the C key above middle C which is usually set to 523.3 hertz.  What had happened though was my laptop sound card was by total accident (or blessed) to be defaulting to A=444 hertz which made this 528 hertz on C. 


Behind the scenes to let you understand what was going on in my head was the fact that I had a cell phone 3 watt bag phone in the old days, and also I had Wi-Fi 3 antenna system, CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor 21", 900 megahertz fax/phone machine, used my cell phone to the right side of my head, live a few block from a cell tower and have metal coils in my bed frame.  Talk about overdose of bad vibes!   So I have become that small and growing population that has become sensitive to EMF.  I don't look at it like they do though, as I see everyone can get that much bad energies and become ill like you get more radiation and it is accumulative over the years, and one day you are over exposed and you need to get less of these energies or the body will crash in whatever form that takes place in an illness.  Someone could literally engage a call on the cell phone behind my back and I would tell you when they did it.  I could go under the BIG power lines while driving my car and I would feel the energy in my head.  I also would get within 1 mile and start to sense a cell tower when none was in sight yet.  I made a trip from St. Louis to Florida with my dad and we would be on the interstate and I would tell him when a cell tower was around us which totally amazed my dad because he knew I had no clue where they were because we flew out to St Louis and drove back so this was real, and he had to admit I have something going on that was not good.  So what happened is I got a release from pain with this one key on the prototype piano (didn't do it on other pianos not sustaining long enough up in the treble) and then later on I found out with a lot of testing that it actually reversed the damage to the head instead of just taking the pain away, and that I could start using my cell phone against my head (eventually).  If I did too much cell talk I would have to go back to the piano prototype and push that one key again and just sit and hit the one key for about 5 minutes and do that a few times a day and it would start reversing the damage.  There were more things I found out of course which I will not go into at this time. 


At first I thought it was the material we used in the prototype piano with the 528 hertz and that these two together created the healing.  This has just been proven wrong as it is NOT the material used like I thought it was, but it is the actual frequency 528 hertz that is doing the healing and the material used just allowed more sustain making it easier to show up (this information was found out just this week).  More sustain allows for the time necessary for the blessing to show up as the material becomes a facilitator not the reason.  This also is why other pianos did not show this up, although on a very long 10 grand (rare) I assume there is some faint feeling happening if someone tuned it to that 444 hertz on A causing the C note to resonate at 528.   The prototype excelled the sound beyond 10 feet in a 6 foot grand in the treble section not depleting the energy as much, which is why we say it show up.  Our Press Release should be out within a month but will NOT be dealing with any hertz things as this needs more study and you don't hit the general public with this deep of a subject on the first press release but more from the quality of tone etc.   There has been many obstacles holding back our press release for year plus, but we should get beyond these shortly.  


So I started studying a lot of healing in sound at that point now becoming a believer by my experience.   I looked at Medsonix which didn't do much for me but others seem to get help so that was interesting with sound through water.  I also was told about the EEsystem and got a free first visit, and low and behold I felt the same tingle in my head that the special piano was doing as it also reversed the damage and made me well, although I really don't understand how it does that yet.  Bottom line is "it works".  So all the math and all the talk between person after person is interesting and will have its special place in history, but in a practical way the 528 hertz will always be close to my heart, or shall I say head.  I didn't feel much with the 528 hertz over the Internet and certainly nothing correcting, and I know the reasons why now as I have studied things in greater depth.  I would have never believed it if I had to get it over the Internet as it doesn't happen for me, although I can hear the mixing of the harmonics better from A=440 and then A=444 hertz as the 444 hertz shifts the sound differently and can be felt, and of course our prototype piano allows that to be felt better and clearer which helped in my decision to support 528 hertz tunings.  At this moment all pianos that are mine in the house (and I have many) are tuned to 528 hertz (A=444). Keep in mind 444 hertz at A is just how we start tuning pianos and it happens to make the C note above that to be on the 528 hertz (528.008), and that you could say that your tuning to 528 hertz and that you pitch it to the range that the piano can use it without the harp or cabinetry being stress to keep it in tolerable limits.  Tuners won't understand anything usually except A=444 and if they don't have a tuning fork or electronic way to set that they would be purely guessing or educated counting of beats to try to hit 444 if tuning by ear using a A=440 tuning fork, and then would have to calculating up from there.  It can be counted but harder and would take a very good tuner that is extremely experienced. I highly recommend a 528 hertz tuning fork to make sure you hit it, and the next paragraph deals with that.


Interesting enough the prototype started to loose the blessing of the 528 hertz over a short time and I got worried as I didn't feel it in my head hardly at all as it just seemed to be disappearing.  I was getting sad to say the least not knowing what was going on like I landed upon a fluke of nature or flower that quickly faded, and maybe its time was over.  Then it dawned on me that I hadn't tuned the piano in a few months so I took out my tools and made sure it was on tune, but before I started I check the 528 key and sure enough the piano had drifted a little, and as soon as I found out that and corrected that the 528 hertz showed up strong just like in the beginning (scared me it did for a moment).   Then I started to wonder how far can I go plus or minus from 528 and still feel it in my head?  For best results the frequency should be dead on... But I found out that I could get .5 up or down and still get some and it got weaker as you went either way.  So I concluded that 527.5 to 528.5 was my window with 528 hertz exactly for the best and optimal performance as that was the blessing.  I do not create things to happen or try to wish them into reality... It either is, or is not; as I am a factual person.  If something is not there then I change variables and explore it more, but I do not try to create something that is not there as there are so many blessing out there that I don't have to create one but just find the ones that already do exist.   If I didn't have the damage in my head then I would not feel it working though the ears, as others did not feel what I was feeling.  I stood alone for awhile and held my ground.  Others were glad I got helped but just kind of looked at it as questionable until the second prototype and then they all started getting there eyes opened as that went farther in many ways that they could feel and get blessed by it also.  In contrast though... I feel a strong feeling at 396 hertz (different place in head) and others feel it also commenting on it, and I will be searching into what that is doing in the near future which seems to be dealing with the frontal lobe.   I'm reactionary so I just have to have it happen and then try to explain it and see what theory is left standing after all others are discounted. 


So Len... the bottom line is that everyone can debate back and forth all they want, as I know, that I know, that I know 528 hertz works with a practical blessing... and there is no one on this earth that will change my mind or sway me to think it does not have something special because I have witnessed first hand the powerful interaction, and for me this was life changing and reality and is making me well.  So if it causes something mental... I would say this 528 hertz appears with evidence that it correcting something wrong in the mental (brain) as damage is reversed.  Also there are many energies and sleep aids and things I could talk about, but that's for another time concerning it being at that pitch.  When it becomes personal they will believe, and I am trying to solve that by getting the practical applications and proof in their hands with pianos to come out.  What is needed is a lot of personal stories and triumphs to give substance to the 528 hertz and help others to know it is real through other real life experiences.  I should get a room full of people with EMF sensitivity let them play this prototype and start curing them as that would be an interesting experiment wouldn't it?  So when everyone is talking about it in theory of facts as they see it... I wish to have personal testimonies stand up like I have and tell how 528 hertz helped them in their life.  Then when we put the math and science and personal testimonies everything will fall into place as fact.   If we don't have any stories out there then I will be the first (which I doubt that I am).  Dan 



From: ‪<vic showell>‬ 

Date: Fri, May 6, 2011 at 9:25 PM

Subject: Re: Marko Rodin Conference Call RE: Jamie Buturff and Tyler Thurmond, May 6, 2011


Mr. Butruff might be a flaming nutcake with a comment like this seen in the link directed to on the internet in the correspondences here:

 I believe Dr. Horowitz's behavior is the result of repeated exposure to the 528Hz frequency.

It may sound good to some at first but causes mental and physical maladies over time.

 It is why the government has it as the frequency of the dial tone on your phone. WAKE UP!



butruff @frequency.guv.expose


What a crack up. Clowntime is over. . . .

Mathematical harmonics are repetitive harmonics in multiple number systems. 528 is one of the great harmonic numbers of the universe. So is 396. So are a variety of number systems. The Solfeggio frequencies are a beautiful example.


432 is a great number and wonderful as well, but it's true root harmonic is more based in the number 360 in my opinion. If you want to make 432 a frequency, then you might as well make 360 a harmonic frequency as well. (Note: 12 x 360 = 4320. The 360 multiples are part of the ancient number 25920 = 72 x 360.)


Both 432 and 528 supply fascinating possibilities and excellent extrapolative functions.


One can find absolute perfection in the harmonics of tetrahedral square root two mathematics, as well as square root 5 based phi geometries. Both geometries create replicating rectangles to infinity. Those would be the tetrahedral square root two rectangle, and the phi based golden rectangle.


Do I consider one of these geometries better than the other? No. They are both fantastic, and important parts of the source of creation as well, and act together in universal constructs IMO.


I can supply a several copyrighted pyramid geometries which include both sqrt.2 tetrahedral and sqrt. 5 based phi geometries within the same pyramid. Many number systems present "perfect harmonics".


Attempts to ignore and malign 528 by Butruff are obvious attempts to gain control by guided misdirection, a common ploy by the most base and simpletonesque in methodologies of shadow operations often seen on the many internet forums used to disseminate disinformation.


This type of organized contingency usually attempts to continue and proliferate these methods to excess, especially when confronted with resistance exposing their specific frauds.


As for Rodin.

The man has stated that he is in survival mode. I believe him, and I understand what he faces.

He needs a chance to live and love and survive just like everybody else. He faces hard times, and has stated so. Give him time to be and display his true self.


Now for the 111 harmonics.


I have a operated a lot of old material concerning this harmonic. It is a truly valid harmonic just like many number systems, and the true root value of any 111 multiple {as 111 is the ultimate number suggested in the pdf in the correspondences by gw Hardin,... I believe it was}

is the prime number 37:

111 = 3 x 37

222 = 6 x 37

333 = 9 x 37

444 = 12 x 37

555 = 15 x 37

666 = 18 x 37

777 = 21 x 37

888 = 24 x 37

999 = 27 x 37


So if you are working with 111 multiples, the number 37 has to be present as the source numeric in those specific harmonics. Just because spiral force and helical geometrics involve DNA and implicative universal source and forces, does not in any way mean that the 111 harmonic is the exclusive source of that genre.


The research from the pdf offered does nothing more than make suggestive implications that are simply associated by the author to DNA, because he simply displays numbers in drawings spiraling in his number sequence sets. He is not right or wrong, he is at best suggestively implying evidence.


That is just fine, and there is nothing wrong with that, and he is at liberty to be suggestive in his theory. This work is interesting however and deserves to be explored further, and thus should not be disregarded, or to be taken as definable evidence either.


The attempt to associate the number 432 exclusively with pure Phi geometry evades me. I would have to see their complete evidence, as Phi has no components of 432 in 1.618033989~ or inverse phi 0.618033989~ or phi squared 2.618033989~ in harmonic fashion that I can see.


You can play the number with phi, just as much as you could play any number with it.


However I am open to view their evidence, if it is offered.






On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 2:29 PM, Leonard Horowitz wrote:


Dear Steve,

Thank you for intervening as I had requested, in getting Marko Rodin to call me. He finally did this morning, and below are quotes taken before two witnesses, Sherri Kane and Lance Larson, on the conference line with us:


Marko Rodin Conference Call RE: Jamie Buturff and Tyler Thurmond, May 6, 2011.


“There is no justification why I did not call you back. . . . I want to follow thru with things, but I am in the survival mode. . . . I am about to write a letter, but I have no strength to do anything.”


"I am heavily affiliated with Lance and Tyler, and Steve@teslaTech."


"I do not know Jamie, or his work very well. I never even read a book by Jamie. . . . I have no idea what Jamie Buturff is doing. . . . I know Tyler very well."


As Rodin began to watch the Buturff/Tyler video, Parts 1 and 2, he stated. “It’s total bullshit. . . . I do not subscribe to the way Jamie does his math. I do not use endless non-repeating decimals. I have not been affiliated with this work. . .  . I have seen Jamie attacking others. . . .  Take Jamie out of the mix and Tyler doesn’t do anything.”


Then Rodin contradicted himself, saying, “I know Jamie very well. Knowing Jamie, I believe you’ve been targeted."


Rodin said he had not watched the Thurmond/Buturff videos, and after he did, he would critique them, which he pledged to do in a timely fashion. He was unaware how his name, and his work was being used or abuse by Buturff, he claimed.


He noted that "432" is obviously not part of his "family number groups," and he did not understand why all the fuss, but said he would investigate it further, as he recognized that my claims are genuine and serious, especially as it infers his involvement in the discrediting statements made on Part 2 of the "Cosmic 432" video.


I reiterated to Rodin that my research into 432 has made me conclude very favorable things about 432, and that the attack against 528, and my work, was totally unwarranted, malicious, and obviously fraudulent based on the selective neglect of 528 permutations in the extensive math analyses Buturff and Thurmond provided to specially attack my credibility and the foundational importance of 528 in universal construction.


Rodin’s private number he nearly never answers is [deleted for privacy]. His e-mail: is [deleted for privacy].


Now, below, I am sending you copies of mail I have received from third parties containing some of Buturff's libelous statements and gross misrepresentations used to attack and destroy my credibility, and these are mild compared to others I have collected.


Thus, Steve, I am asking you as a professional who has been very supportive to the Tesla research community to cancel Buturff's presentation at the upcoming TeslaTech conference, as his presence, given the documented facts, discredits the authenticity and credibility of the science and mathematics he advances, jeopardizing the credibility of our community at large.


You still have plenty of time to find a more reliable and honest speaker to fill his slot.


Beyond what may appear to be my personal vendetta that I am expressing here, this is a serious matter generated by Buturff and Thurmond's gross bias and malicious mischief at best, and at worst, a deliberate infiltration into our ranks to risk the credibility of the entire Tesla research community. As I mentioned to Rodin, any reasonably intelligent math/music/cymatics investigator can see right through their video's neglect of 528 permutations from shifting numbers within Rodin's "258 family number group," and conclude, as I have, that this was done exclusively to target me maliciously and harm 528 credibility, a downright fraud damaging our community.


The fact that great strides have been made by many collaborations over the past decade to boldly advance a solidy-evidenced unifying theory on universal construction involving musical-mathematics and hydrosonic creationism, provides the greatest hope for humanity at this time of planetary urgency. Our community does not need jealous, egocentric, malicious, dishonest, and abusive antagonists to discredit reputable leaders in this field at this time, or ever.


So please, consider very seriously, pulling Buturff from your roster, considering carefully the ramifications of your implied endorsement of him, if you choose to neglect this reasonable administrative duty to your audience and the legitimacy of the mathematical/science being advanced.


Very sincerely,

Leonard Horowitz


P.S., Jamie Butruff's messages are downright fraudulent, proving he is a consistent liar. His mail below is another example of his deception. The evidence for this indictment is published online in response to Thurmond's scripted video, that broadcast an unprovoked and unwarranted attack on 528 and my work in this field.


Butruff knows damn well no one ever claimed he "was involved in a conspiracy to commit the murder of Marko Rodin." That was speculated by a third party responding to his video. What he stupidly has done has incriminated himself as a counter-intelligence propagandist (COINTELPRO) abusing discretion to discredit 528 with an obvious desire to discredit me, harming me personally and professionally.


Only an ignorant idiot, "stupid, spiritually-deprived" person would rewrite Dr. Puleo's history and 528 Bible code revelations as he does again in his writing below, fraudulently claiming a different original Solfeggio missing 528.


He has every right to research and report on 432Hz, just like I have done with 528, but Buturff, a "spiritual results" counselor (allegedly) for Pentagon personnel, demonstrated jealousy and malice in disparaging me in his online publications.  He thus discredits 432Hz, that I have reported on very favorably. That appears to be his mission. To discredit the entire field of musical-mathematics, the Solfeggio frequencies, and Rodin's work.


In summary, Butruff is a master magician, obviously manipulating language to his advantage, twisting factual statements, and math, to disappear 528 and discredit me, Rodin, and this wonderful revolution in consciousness, what I call the "528LOVERevolution."


I am so thankful we are living at time of "instant karma" that exposes devil-doers, including these agents of disinformation, most rapidly and judiciously.


I have changed the opening music on i528Tunes.com in honor of Buturff and Thurmond, and this is the last attention I will give to these two twisted minds.


Leonard G. Horowitz


"What a great gift to the world. Thanks!

I live in Spokane and run the Universal Heart Center."

                     Steve Spickard