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- Dr. Leonard Horowitz

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Paul McCartney Plays in 528

Play Along with Lennon & McCartney in 528Hz 


We recently discovered that Paul McCartney and John Lennon played some of their most famous songs in 528Hz.


When we say something is in 528hz, we mean that the guitars, bass and keyboards are all tuned to reference pitch A=444 instead of A=440. As you may know, from reading Dr. Leonard Horowitz's articles and The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, this a=444Hz tuning makes the C note 528hz.  


Now, the reason why you can't just lay a 52Hz tone over any of McCartney's songs, for example, and have them all fit, is because songs are in different keys within the 528/444 tuning. Just because McCartney is using that pitch standard, he can still be playing a song in another key.  


Let us explain further:  


For example, the "key" of the song, "Please Please Me" is E. So McCartney is playing the chords that revolve around the key of E, while his instruments are still tuned to reference pitch 528/444Hz.  


We claim that McCartney started in 1999 to record music in A=444/C528 because the earliest show we could find that we think is in 528 is at the Cavern Club in the UK that is on YouTube.  


Now, we didn't check every single live show in the last 10 years, but we did go through a lot of songs from different concerts all over the world including McCartney's 2005 Superbowl Halftime Show; playing for Obama, Live in Philly, 2010; Isle of Wight Festival, 2010; Children in Need benefit 2009; live in Kiev, 2008; Live in 2006, and many more.   Pre-'99 McCartney didn't play much in A=444/C528Hz, and before that we know he was tuning to A=440. That's partly why his 70's and 80's music just sounded flat.


We think either he, or his musical director, figured it all out eventually, by 1999,  for his comeback business that he's been doing.  


We do know that the famous "Imagine" recording by John Lennon is exactly in 528/444 as well--see this video link. CLICK HERE.





Also, for a video of Paul McCartney playing in 528Hz, CLICK HERE.



 We feel Paul is doing the most awesome thing he could do--play live in 528, around the world, some of the best songs of our lifetimes, for massive audiences. Despite what people think, or say, about Paul, he has been out there raising vibrations with 528 for the last 10 years or so.  



Don't just take our words on this. if you have any skilled musician friends available, we suggest having them tune their guitars to A=444/C528, and just sit with you, and play along with Paul McCartney's live concerts from the last 10 years on YouTube. There's just no doubt about it.  


We quadruple-checked this, jamming along with McCartney's different concerts in 528.   The examples we used in our Paul video were songs where he was tuned to 528, AND playing a song in the key of "C".  


Also you might be interested that Michael Jackson also used 528, most noticably in his song "Black or White." Check out his "This is It" movie, he's definitely rehearsing some songs in 528.   Furthermore, the White Stripes hit song "Seven Nation Army" is without a doubt tuned to 528/444.  


There are other artists, we also believe, do it--play in A=444Hz/C528Hz.   And just for fun, use a 528 tuning fork to play along with John Lennon's "Imagine." CLICK HERE.


The ancient Solfeggio frequencies captured our imaginations 3 years ago, and as musicians, they have been our passion ever since.  


This article was written by Chris  and Egan


Thank you,  Dr. Horowitz, for your work that has seriously influenced musicians more than you will ever know!