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You are the Music

"You are a digital bioholographic precipitation, crystallization, miraculous manifestation, of Divine frequency vibrations, coming out of Water. Get it? You are the music, echoing universally, eternally, hydrosonically, with your heart at 528!"

- Dr. Leonard Horowitz

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Besides music being enjoyable, you can now make it more spiritually uplifting and physically healing.


I528Tunes.com exclusively transposes YOUR CDs, mp3, aac, and mp4 files into DOWNLOADABLE healing versions transposed into 528Hz frequency for more relaxing, comfortable, and confident listening.

 The Mission of i528Tunes.com is to EVOLve and heal you and our planet musically.


528Hz is revolutionizing the music industry and restoring humanity's original spirituality (by playing and broadcasting a principle primordial frequency of creation "528/LOVE.") By listening, performing, and recording in the "Key of LOVE" (528Hz), you too can engage and advance this awesome transformation. And every time you do, it not only helps you, but like waves radiating out from a pebble thrown into a pond, your 528 musical energy reaches the farthest shores.


Developing a Deeper Understanding


CLICK HERE to learn why standard tuning (A=440Hz) is an unhealthy, spiritually-degrading, imposition.


CLICK HERE to learn why 528Hz, the "MI" or MIracle frequency" (of the original Solfeggio musical scale) is most preferred by nature and masterful musicians, especially for healing and Spiritual Renaissance.


Note: This site does not take orders for hardcopy CDs donated to the 528 Music Lovers Library. Producing and shipping "special order" CDs made from your personal property, acquired through downloads from this site, is not a "Special Service" available by request at this time.


This Website Serves 3 Functions, and Operates Exclusively by Suggested Donations


1) TRANSPOSE your digital music files recorded in 440Hz into 528Hz by clicking the TRANSPOSE button above left. You will then create your new album by completing a simple form including uploading cover art. Then, one track at a time, you will UPLOAD ALL THE TRACKS in the album (digital files) so each album is complete. Each track upload (up to 32MB) may take a couple of minutes, so if your album has 20+ tracks, creating your album may take as long as an hour. DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS (due to a glitch we are currently working to solve), otherwise you may need to start over from scratch. Keep this process going until your album is complete. There is no charge for this process. In effect, you are making a donation of your personal property into the 528LOVE MUSIC [PUBLIC] LIBRARY. Check back a few hours later to retrieve your transposed album. Once your old album is uploaded, it is reviewed by our technical administrator who authorizes the 528Hz transposition. After it is approved for quality control and transposition, you can then DOWNLOAD the entire 528 album (containing all of the tracks) which you will receive by email.  It will take approximately 2 minutes to select and retrieve your transposed album by email. If you uploaded /contributed the music to our music library or you are the artist that created the music and contributed the music to our library, you will receive your transposed mp3 music file by email without making a much appreciated donation.


2) DOWNLOAD music from our 528LOVE MUSIC LIBRARY by clicking the GENRES tab above, and selecting your preferred folder(s), album(s) or track(s);


3) UPLOAD music already recorded (or transposed) in 528Hz to the LOVE528 MUSIC LiBRARY.  (Make sure the box is checked indicating the work is ALREADY in 528Hz. This serves recording artists and their contractors only; who can use this function after registering to receive their 60% royalty on donations. Artists (or their agents) "create albums" and select the appropriate GENRES folder into which their upload(s) will go.)



Please Read the Following:


Many people prefer 528Hz tuning, saying that it makes music more natural and pleasant. You are welcome to compare the two mentioned ways to tune instruments, and listen to music by CLICKING HERE.



For Users

(That have Not Uploaded/Contributed the Music to our Library that they wish to download):

The LOVE528 MUSIC LIBRARY grows by your donations of transposed music, and by registered artists' submissions. By using this music transposition website, you agree to donate your transposed music to the LOVE528 MUSIC LIBRARY to be shared with others by donation. Registered recording artists and/or registered record labels receive a 60% royalty on all donations received for their musical works.


You can download single tracks or albums from the LOVE528 MUSIC LIBRARY, each by suggested donation. Suggested donations of $0.98 for single tracks, and $19.97 per album (of up to 22 tracks), are needed to maintain this non-profit service demanding maintenance fees and credit card processing charges. So your understanding and support for this musical (spiritual) service is greatly appreciated.



For Users that have uploaded/contributed to our music library, the music they would like to download: Once you upload the music, you will receive the transposed mp3 music file back by email without making a much appreciated donation.



Read more about these services and possibilities by CLICKING HERE.



For Artists


The best, most powerful, spiritually uplifting, and healing way to record music is tuned to (C5) 528Hz (A=444Hz) that is the heart of light and LOVE. If you are an artist performing in 528Hz or having an idea to convert your tunes to 528Hz – you are welcome to work with us!


You can post your album(s) in the LOVE528 MUSIC LIBRARY, and receive 60% of people's donations for your work(s).


Registration as a musician is completely free!


To add one or more musical compositions (mp3 files) you must first create an album by following the instructions provided. Fill in all the requested information carefully, and upload your cover-art. Once at the fields are filled in with your information, click SAVE and proceed to the page to add compositions into your newly created album(s).


Compositions are added one by one. For this, please, provide your composition's name and description, upload the music file in the proper format (mp3), click SAVE and then wait. The uploading process might take several minutes, so please be patient.... Once your composition is uploaded click SAVE again to proceed to your next donation.


After uploading all of the compositions you wish to donate to the 528LOVE MUSIC LIBRARY, to receive your 60% royalty, click the “FINISH ALBUM” button.


You can use the “Cancel” button to interrupt your upload process.


Once completed, you can find your 528Hz uploaded music, or your transposed compositions, in your Profile under the TRANSPOSED music tab.



Read more instructions by CLICKING HERE.



Transposition Service Agreement


On 528Records.com you can transpose your music to 528Hz by donating as suggested, and making one agreement:

1) After converting your music to 528Hz using our transposer, you agree to donate this musical property to the LOVE528 MUSIC LIBRARY, where registered artists (record labels, or their agents) can receive their 60% royalty payment(s).



Suggested Donations


NOW TRANSPOSITION IS 100% FREE FOR EVERY MUSIC DONOR. Donations are requested only for music downloaded from our library. Your donations are the only way we can keep this service operating. So thanks for using our 528LOVE MUSIC LIBRARY, donating when you do, and telling friends and family about this website.



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