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You are the Music

"You are a digital bioholographic precipitation, crystallization, miraculous manifestation, of Divine frequency vibrations, coming out of Water. Get it? You are the music, echoing universally, eternally, hydrosonically, with your heart at 528!"

- Dr. Leonard Horowitz

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Instructions for Artists

If you compose music in 528Hz, we encourage your alliance. If you wish to transpose your previously recorded music into 528Hz (A=444Hz) we invite you to take advantage of our donor services.


After registration as an artist you have a chance to publish your tunes in 528Hz and get paid for it. Artists have all the rights of regular members/users. Registration as an artist is free. If you register as an artist, you will have to provide information to our members/customers about you, or your band, as well as a photo. You can change this data later in your profile after registering.


In your profile, you can create virtual "albums," and add compositions into them at any time. When you do this, they will automatically be added to the LOVE528 MUSIC LIBRARY where people can download them by donation.   Your uploaded tunes are converted automatically into 528Hz, unless you perform in 528Hz already.


If you have already recorded your music in 528Hz, then select the correspondent option. If you do not perform in 528Hz, please, do not select the option to skip transposition. Otherwise your content will be deleted together with your account. If you selected the mentioned option by mistake, use the "feedback" option to tell us about it. This helps assure everyone downloading music from 528Records.com receives 528Hz music exclusively.


Conversion processes, on occassion, result in an "error" notice due to the corruption of your file, a bad file format, or a sudden network failure. You will receive the correspondent message then. Try again, and if error repeats, tell us about it using the "feedback" option.


After uploading of your album, it is not automatically published in the LOVE528 MUSIC LIBRARY. You still have to change its "state" in the "Workflow" menu to the “In review” setting. This instructs our moderators to check your upload(s) and provide quality assurance for subsequent publishing.


We can refuse you to publish your album(s), providing you with the reason(s) why the disqualification occurred (typically illegal content). While your album(s) is(are) “In review,” your “Published” content is not modifiable. This is done for the security of our members/users. So if you need to modify somehow published content, you have to ask us about it specially using the "feedback" option.


When you upload your album ensure that it contains not more than 24 tracks; and also that its content is legal and does not violate any rights of others.


When uploading your album(s), please select the proper 'GENRE" and/or "Subgenre" for everyone's convenience.


In your profile you can monitor donation statistics for your album.


We currently pay our artists via PayPal a set sixty (60) percent royalty on suggested donations made for their work(s), but later we may add other options as well.


We want to alert you that our service is in the beta-testing mode mode at present.  We are still hunting for the last little errors, and you can help us in this quality control process. If you see an error, or any unpredictable behavior on 528Records.com, please tell us about it using the "feedback" option, and we will endeavor to rectify it ASAP.

The "feedback" option appears on every page. Use it if needed. Otherwise, e-mail us at: support@528records.com.